Cantabrian Sea Nature Trail

Camino Natural Ruta del Cantábrico

The section of the Cantabrian Sea Nature Trail that crosses the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña, runs along 150 km of coastline, divided in 7 stages and 3 deviations. Its course allows the traveller to visit pretty villages such as Ribadeo, Foz, Burela, San Cibrao, Viveiro, O Vicedo, O Barqueiro, Porto de Espasante and Ladrido, and enjoy all the beaches, among which the Las Catedrales beach, a National Monument, stands out.

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Camino Natural Ruta del Cantábrico Etapa 7: O Vicedo-Ladrido Etapa 5: San Cibrao-Viveiro Etapa 4: Burela-San Cibrao Etapa 3: Foz-Burela Etapa 2: Las Catedrales-Foz Etapa 1: Ribadeo-Las Catedrales

You can walk or cycle down the trail, since it is suitable for bicycles for most of the course and some sections are shared with motor vehicles. All along the trail, the traveller can appreciate the close relationship between the locals and the sea, and enjoy the rías, some of which, such as the Foz-Masma ría, the Fazouro ría and the Ortigueira ría, have been declared Protected Natural Spaces.

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