Agricultural trade

What products from the United Kingdom do we consume? What products do we send to the United Kingdom?

About 50% of Spanish agri-food exports to the United Kingdom are concentrated in ten product groups. Fruits (citrus and stone fruits) and vegetables together account for around 20% of sales (the group of red fruits, kiwi and persimmon represents an additional percentage of 8%). Wine and must exports to the United Kingdom account for 8% of sales to this country (and 11% of Spanish exports). They are followed in value by olive oil (5%) and pork (3%).

The main British imports into Spain are spirits, which make up 26% of our purchases of agri-food products to the United Kingdom, and 25% of spirits imported by Spain.

Fishery products represent 21% of imports from the United Kingdom. The main products are fresh fish – mainly hake, rooster and monkfish- as well as frozen Norway lobster, for a value of 228 million euros.

Regarding Spain, major exports to the United Kingdom are processed products and canned tuna, and fish meals, worth 103 million euros.

A detailed report of our Agrifood and Fisheries Foreign Trade with the United Kingdom is published on the MAPA website.

What customs duties will apply in the EU from the withdrawal date?

The agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom provides for zero tariffs and zero quotas for goods originating from either Party.




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