Nature Trails

Since 1993, the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment has built, within its Nature Trails Programme, around 8.800 kilometres of nature trails across Spanish territory.

In association with other territorial agencies that subsequently take charge of their maintenance, the nature trails built by the Ministry on former transport infrastructures and intended for use by hikers, cyclists and horse riders, enable citizens to draw close to the natural environment, promoting knowledge of nature and landscapes and the sustainable development of rural areas.

Old railway tracks, canals, towpaths, livestock trails, paths, and even former public roadways, are once again being used by citizens who increasingly demand contact with nature and having at their disposal peaceful spaces where they can engage in recreational and sports activities far away from motor traffic. These infrastructures, which played a historical role in the evolution of the economy, are once again prominent in the economic development of rural areas through sustainable uses in the environment, enabling citizens to make peaceful contact with nature.

                                          Nature Trails is a registered trademark in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

                                      to the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment brand. National Brand Multiclass Nº 2.899.840

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