Costas de La Gomera Nature Trail


CN Costas de La Gomera

An island shaped by time

La Gomera is the second smallest island of the Canary archipelago after the island of El Hierro. It was declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on July 11, 2012 in the category of “Excellent”, thus becoming the sixth such biosphere in the Canary Islands con esta distinción. 

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The Costas de La Gomera (Coasts of La Gomera) Nature Trail runs along the coastline of the island following the same route of the future loop trail GR-132, allowing hikers to enjoy an impressive landscape furrowed by deep ravines and towering cliffs, which are a distinguishing feature of the landscape of the island.

This unique and rugged landscape is the result of the action of erosion on very ancient materials accumulated in the course of successive eruptive periods, though the bowels of the island have remained calm for more than two million years since that era.

Although only the western section – between Vallehermoso and Playa de Santiago via Valle Gran Rey - has been completed, the rest of the trail will be finished very soon, running along San Sebastián de La Gomera y Hermigua and thus completing a circular route, taking in the whole perimeter of this small but magical island.


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